Book Skeleton-Man for DJ Entertainment, Crowd Friendly Dance Shows, EL Wire Workshops and Inspirational Talks on Death, Freedom, Isolation and our Search for Meaning.

Skeleton-Man DJ & Dance

Set the Dance Floor ON FIRE with DJ Skeleton-Man and the Skeleton-Man Dance Crew

Book DJ Skeleton-Man for a spectacular and colourful night that guarantees a packed Dance Floor. And add the Skeleton-Man Dance Crew if you really want the roof to blow off (slide right for more info)!

The Skeleton-Man Show
Stockholm House Mix

DJ Skeleton-Man

For a packed Dance Floor

Born out of the vibrant House and Techno scene in Copenhagen DJ Skeleton-Man will get any crowd going. Besides club music Skeleton-Man spins everything from Electronica to Funk, Disco to Rock 'n' Roll and Alternative to Mainstream. Good music knows no boundaries for Skeleton-Man.

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Halloween Theme Mix
Berlin Tekno Mix

The Skeleton-Man Dance Show

One DJ, 3 dancers and a 20-minutes interactive dance show that will get EVERYBODY on the dance floor in a heart beat

Book The Skeleton-Man Dance Crew for Company Parties, Launch Events, Christmas Luncheons, Clubs, Festivals and private events.

The Skeleton-Man Dance Show can be customized from a single dancer to as many as you like. Contact for more info.

Sexy Moscow

EL-Wire Workshops

Learn to make your own El Wire creations!

Book Skeleton-Man for El Wire Workshops where you will learn how to make your own lightning creations, pimp up your bike, running gear and clothes etc.

Workshops can be customized from 1 hour intro sessions to 2 day workshops where we'll get into the nitty gritty of El Wire. Contact for more info.

Inspirational Talks on Life and Death

Join Skeleton-Man on a colorfull journey of the Ultimate Concerns of life.

With Skeleton-Man as your reassuring and disarming guide we will examine the fundamental aspects of existence and how the ultimative concerns of life can serve as a light house of inspiration and motivation that can have an everlasting and decisive effect on how we live our life.

The presentation is based on the renowned Existential Psychotherapist Irvin Yalom and his wonderful book "The Ultimate Concerns."

The DIY Dance & Death performance by SkeletonMan

The Skeleton-Man Light Suit

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