Skeleton-Man is a multi-faceted art, dance and existentially themed project involving DJ entertainment, crowd interactive Dance performances, El Wire workshops, inspirational talks on the ultimate concerns of life and lightning paintings (a webshop is in the pipeline).

But it all started in 2004 when I attended the BOOM festival in Portugal and a young girl made an elaborate skeleton henna drawing on my hands. It was beautiful but also very fragile and within hours weather and dust had worn it out. Hence the idea of making a skeleton-suit Skeleton-Man that would survive the elements.

The first version of Skeleton-Man premiered the year after at the Sonica Festival in Italy courtesy of a good friend and since 2008 I started making my own suits.

But as you can tell the idea was born out of lights, music and dance and these themes continue to be the cornerstones of Skeleton-Man. So far they have taken Skeleton-Man all around the world from Universo Paralello in Brazil to several Burning Man festivals in USA, festival in Southern Europe, Berlin, The Netherlands, Roskilde Festival and countless festivals and events in Copenhagen and beyond.

I suspect it is the universal symbol a skeleton embodies that makes Skeleton-Man so appealing. On the one hand, a skeleton reminds us of death. On the other hand, a colourful and dancing skeleton is very much alive and so almost seem to mock or even defy death.

From being a One-Man Artist and DJ operation Skeleton-Man expanded in 2017 to include a Dance Crew that draws on both professional and amateur dancers from many different dance styles. All share one thing, though: The love of dance and movement and the unstoppable eagerness to include as many as possible in our circle of dance.

“No matter the reason, I’ve learned that Skeleton-Man appeals across all cultures, sex and age. I guess there is just something about a skeleton that is hard to ignore. Serious and silly at the same time, I think the appeal of Skeleton-Man is that he suggests an alternative way to think of the certainties of life while reminding us to have FUN!”

Behind Skeleton-Man is Master of Law, Michael Wolffhechel, that has been developing Skeleton-Man since 2004.