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Welcome to Skeleton-Man !

Hi and welcome to Skeleton-Man’s first blog post!

This site has been long in the making and I am sooo happy to finally be able to invite you inside Skeleton-Man’s world. I have a thousand things I want to say and I have to be careful not to throw them all at you at once.

So for starters, let me quickly mention the services Skeleton-Man offers: DJ entertainment, crowd engaging dance shows, El Wire workshops and inspirational talks about the ultimate concerns of life. All activities are aimed at educational institutions, kids and youth institutions, companies, clubs and festivals alike.

You can read more about each of these services via the top menu. If they give you any ideas and questions do not hesitate to drop me a line!

In this post I will instead dig a little deeper into Skeleton-Man and tell you a bit more about the origins of Skeleton-Man and the idea behind.

It’s been a project in the making since 2004 where the idea was born at the BOOM festival in Portugal and has evolved into a multi-faceted art and awareness project. If I were to identify the very first thought behind Skeleton-Man, however, I would have to say: Dancing. Dancing in all its’ forms and dancing like nobody and everybody is watching.

I know it’s a very abstract outset for a project but it seems to me that dancing is an excellent metaphor for man’s relationship with himself, his surroundings and life in general. From one perspective dancing is what we always do whether it is on the dance floor, at the office, with family or friends, when we exercise or anywhere else.

In any case, my experiences with Skeleton-Man has proven to be a splendid and rewarding way of considering the ultimate concerns of existence; The terror of death, freedom, existential isolation and meaninglessness. In future posts I will examine these themes more closely but let me just here recite a fun story from and interview between the journalist Bill Moyers and myth researcher Joseph Campbell.

The story goes that Joseph Campbell attended a seminar on culture on religion in Japan and overheard a conversation between a US professor and a Japanese Shinto priest. The professor asked: We have been together now for three days and heard much about your culture but I still don’t understand your ideology. I don’t understand your theology. The priest went silent as in deep thoughts, then answered: I don’t think we have an ideology. I don’t think we have a theology. We dance!

If this story rings a bell with you I hope you want to sign up for the newsletter and follow the progress and thoughts of Skeleton-Man. I promise to make it worth your while.