The Skeleton-Man Show

Join Skeleton-Man on a colorfull journey of the Ultimate Concerns of life; The Terror of Death, Freedom, Isolation and Meaninglessness

According to the existential school these fundamental conditions of life govern our life in profound ways. Yet, while we  recognise these features of life and must accept their inevitability, most of our lifes we spend looking away. Truly accepting the experience that we are not living up to our potential is simply to hellish.

Still, even if the thought of our mortality and our personal responsibility kan provoke a deep terror in us, the idea of death also opens up for an appreciation of the urgency of life. In the very end, therefore, it can be the very same idea that saves us and enables us to in action honour our existence.

With Skeleton-Man as your host we will investigate together how existential considerations can give us the personal power to seize life and how the themes can be understood in relation to our work place and the functionings of organizations.


EL-Wire Workshops

Learn to make your own El Wire creations! Book Skeleton-Man for El Wire Workshops where you will learn how to make your own lightning creations, pimp up your bike, running gear and clothes etc. Workshops can be customized from 2 hour intro sessions to 2 day workshops where we'll get into the nitty gritty of El Wire. Contact for more info.


What we do

Skeleton-Man offers fun and enlightning entertainment in various forms


A 3 hour DJ show ranges from 500 to 1.500 Euro incl. sound and lights up to 50 people but contact us to learn more as special rates and offers can apply. And of course, we will cater the event so it suits your exact needs and purposes. Just use the contact form below and I'll get back to you


Book Skeleton-Man for a rewarding and enlightening show on life's ultimate concerns. Yes, the bell may toll for us all but reflecting on the inevitable also opens up for a true appeciation of the present. The idea of death may sound dark but is actually full of light - just like the show! Contact us to learn how the Skeleton-Man show can be catered to your audience. Price as per your needs. And we'll add extra Skeleton-Man dancers if you want!


Learn how to make your own lightning Skeleton-Man! Or anything else you fancy with a string of light and nothing but imagination. Workshops ranging from 2-4 hour intro sessions to week long introductions. Price range from 250 Euro or even FREE with purchase of necessary El Wire packs. Note: In 2019 Folk Schools may be eligible for a FREE workshop!!.
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Skeleton-Man came to life in 2005 when the first version of the skeleton suit premiered at the Sonica Festival in Italy. Since then Skeleton-Man has entertained kids, adults and elders in USA, Brazil, Cambodia and all over Europe and Denmark. Likewise, the suit has gone been through multiple iterations and today incorporates lights, lasers and Arduino Programming.

No matter the iteration, however, at the heart of Skeleton-Man is good vibes and dancing in all its forms on and off the dance floors.

I think the global appeal of Skeleton-Man is that we can all identify with him. Yes, a skeleton reminds us of death which can cause a deep terror in us, but the recognition of death can also release life changing powers and motivate us to appreciate life in action. To me that is all Skeleton-Man is about. With dance, music, joy, good vibes and as many along as possible

Based on the idea that life is best considered a dance where the movement is more important than the destination the Skeleton-Man project today includes dj and dance entertainment alongside shows on existential themes. And if you need to light up your life in a very hands-on manner Skeleton-Man can also be booked for an El Wire Workshop where you will learn to make your own lightning creations.

Behind Skeleton-Man is storyteller, DJ and Master of Law, Michael Wolffhechel, that has been developing Skeleton-Man since 2004.


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DJ Skeleton-Man

Born out of the vibrant house and techno scene in Copenhagen DJ Skeleton-Man entertains the picky club goer as much as the corporate executive. Although electronica is closest to his musical heart you can expect an eclectic mix of everything from funk to disco, pop to dub and mainstream to club. Contact to learn more about catered corporate events.


The Skeleton-Man dance show

Alongside DJ Skeleton-Man you can book up to 10 Skeleton dancers to set the place on fire

Contact us to learn more about how we can light up your night

And remember: If the dance floor is not packed in two minutes the show is free!