Dear Skeleton-Man reader

Good to connect again!

A lot has been going on since my last Blog Post/Newsletter. Soon a new year begins and I’m glad to give you a quick update on my whereabouts and doabouts these days. Read on to learn more!


A quick visit to Hollywood, Death Valley, Joshua Tree and Las Vegas

First of all, in November I flew to Los Angeles for a photo shoot in Hollywood and then onwards to Joshua Tree, Las Vegas , Death Valley and the Mojave Desert with my good friend and photographer, Semko Balcerski. We had a week so it was intense but Semko took some amazing shots along the way and I can’t wait to show you the results. Suffice to say they include some EPIC light painting photos from Death Valley, strolling on the Strip and appearances Hollywood Boulevard of Fame among a ton of other things..

Initially, my idea was to use the new material for the website only but after seeing what Semko put together I am now working on a new presentation of The Skeleton-Man Show with the new images as the skeleton (some pun intended). I look forward to returning with more news about this – and showing you some of the new material!! If anything, the new presentation will look breathtaking.

For now a quick teaser with some shots from Semko’s phone.



The Skeleton Sound Bike

The Skeleton-Man arsenal of entertainment equipment was recently expanded with a brand new Skeleton-Man SoundBike.

The SkeletonBike made its’ premiere at the Nansensgade Street Party August 24th – thanks to Jacob Egelund for the beautiful work. It proved to be all I was hoping for and it was amazing how I could move the party up and down the street as I toured forth and back. Definitely looking forward to many more events with this baby.

Also with four extra adult skeleton dancers and two kids skeleton dancers (age 6 and 9) to complete the scenery Skeleton-Man really took over Nansensgade.

With winter approaching it may be some months before the SkeletonBike it out again but when season 2020 opens you can be sure I will let you know !


Pictures from the Nansensgade Street Party (as always courtesy of Semko Balcerski)



During the fall holidays in October I had my first storytelling events for kids at café Flindt & Ørsted in Ørstedsparken in Copenhagen. This was one event I had been looking forward to for a long time and it was amazing to experience how the kids would devote their attention to Skeleton-Man reading stories. The storytelling was a two-day 12-14h event and in total some 15 children (age 3-8) came by to listen. Very promising for future events.

To be honest, it was also a bit uphill. You realise that there is a lot of back ground noise in a café and it can be a challenge to get the children’s attention when the coffee maker is brewing, mom and dad chatters nearby and the doorbell rings on and off. But when the distractions were not too loud it was just wonderful how the children would gather around Skeleton-Man to listen in silence. And with my new and massive 4 by 4 meter skeleton back-drop and skeleton themed pillows and decoration I can quickly make a cozy skeleton cave / reading corner for any situation.


It also prompted the idea of storytelling events for children and senior citizens at retirement homes. I don’t know why I haven’t thought of this earlier because I think it goes really well with the Skeleton-Man concept.

In any case, I am now in contact with a retirement home in Copenhagen and will be doing my first storytelling event for senior citizens and kids age 5-8 years in January at Sølund Retirement Home. Much more on this in coming Newsletters / Blog posts.


On the events side of things

Party Crew Råstof keeps going strong with a great Halloween party in Raahuset in October and a 2019 season closing party soon ahead; December 13th also in Raahuset. This time with fellow dj crew Bokamoso with whom we’ll be splitting the decks. For this one I’ll be playing an early set and I’m really looking forward to reconnecting with my Afro House Roots.

Hope to see you there (psst, I play 22:30 to 23:30)!!

We’ve also started looking into bigger venues and I can promise exciting plans for 2020. Already in January/February we have an upgrade in mind. I will look forward to telling you more about this here – and if you want the earliest news of the plans just follow our facebook page to learn more


Behind the suit… 

As promised in my first Blog Post/Newsletter I’ll also include a bit about the thoughts and ideas behind Skeleton-Man. And why not start with the question I most often receive: WHY am I wearing a skeleton suit? And WHAT is Skeleton-Man all about?

Well, let’s see. I wear a skeleton suit because it’s fun, because it’s a party and conversation starter and because it prompts questions and curiosity. And I wear a skeleton suit because it attracts attention.

But mostly I wear a skeleton suit to entertain and engage all ages whether you experience Skeleton-Man as a DJ, a “Dance Floor Cheerleader” out to pack the dance floor, a Public Speaker / Showmaster or as a Storyteller. From experiences all over the world I have learned that Skeleton-Man is a universal persona that crosses all cultures and will put a smile on faces everywhere. And once you have that smile all you need is something on your heart and mind.

The two sides of Skeleton-Man

For me, on the one hand, that is spreading fun, coming together and celebrating life with music and dance. That is the physical aspect of Skeleton-Man. On the other hand, I want to encourage considering the experience that life is by creating an environment where we truly, even for a brief moment, honour the four ultimate concerns of life; our mortality; our responsibility for our life; that we are born, dream and die as individual beings; and that all life we search for a meaning we must agree upon ourselves. That is the cultural aspect of Skeleton-Man.

These are the physical and cultural themes Skeleton-Man touches upon, preaches and practices whether you experience Skeleton-Man as a DJ, a Dance Floor Cheerleader, a Public Speaker / Showmaster or as a Storyteller.

If you also find these themes interesting please do not hesitate to contact me. I absolutely guarantee there is a place for Skeleton-Man in your world and that together we can shake up your company, club, library, senior citizens home or other general quarters while having FUN !


The competition

In the last Newsletter / Blog Post I announced that the competition for a free Skeleton-Man show was still ongoing and that a winner would be picked in the next Newsletter / Blog Post.

So … We have a winner for a free Skeleton-Man Show. And the winner is Yeske***** An e-mail has been sent to you – congrats! I look forward to entertain you and yours!!


The music

And lastly, my latest mix from Portofino – Tech House meets a bitta Nu-Disco meets a bitta minimal meets the dance floor. Or something. It’s nice. Check it out 🙂


Closing words

Alright, that’s all from now. Thanks again for finding your way to my Newsletter / Blog Post and reading till the end.

Hope to see you on the dance floor, club, company or in the auditoriums soon !!!

Til then best wishes from yours truly

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