Dear Skeleton-Man reader !

Thank you for finding your way to my blog – and thanks for your patience! The site came online a year ago and this is my first blog post.

On the bright side, you can expect not to be spammed!

I will start publishing blog posts more regularly now, though, and hope you want to stay onboard.

I can promise you three things in my blog updates.

For one I will use them to update you on Skeleton-Man’s next shows and whereabouts.

Secondly, I’ll tell you a little bit about what’s going on at the moment and since the last update.

And finally, I will share some of the thoughts behind Skeleton-Man. Where did the idea originate? Is there a deeper meaning? And does Skeleton-Man catch up in a coffin? (no, only rarely)

Oh, and then I’ll include my latest mix so you can keep updated on my musical whereabouts 😉

With that said, let’s get to the news.

The next Skeleton-Man sightings

Råstof "Hideaway" party at Green Island (June 2019)

Råstof “Hideaway” party at Green Island (June 2019)

Skeleton-Man will perform on a beautiful yacht at a private party in Nordhavnen October 5th. I may be able to obtain a free extra ticket or two so let me know if you would like to join.

Also Kulturnatten is approaching on October 11th where Skeleton-Man will also roam the streets of Copenhagen. This year I am looking for extra skeleton-dancers (I have 6 extra suits in most ages and genders) so let me know if you are ready to rattle your bones 😉

Finally, we have our next two Raw Grooves parties confirmed for Raahuset!! Join us for HALLOWEEN October 26th where we’ll turn Raahuset into a one of a kind haunted house with two dance floors. We promise epic spooky. And then we return November 30th for our Christmas party.

With fall having arrived in Copenhagen expect fewer spontaneous pop-up parties in the streets of Copenhagen but if the weather is not too harsh (and with more dark hours) I hope to still flash my new Skeleton-bike a couple of times. More on my new mobile system in the next newsletter.

On that note, let me remind you of the competition where you can win a free Skeleton-Man show.  Make sure you follow  the Newsletter (sign up at the bottom here) to be part of the competition and in the next Blog post/Newsletter I will announce who the winner is!

Oh, and for every extra follower you get onboard you get an extra ticket in the lottery!

DJ Skeleton-Man / Before & After

At a private dj gig in September 2019 (before & after)


Skeleton-Man in general

First of all, I am happy to announce that from August 2019 I have joined Skabelonloftet on Refshalevej 167 where I will have offices together with light artist, Martin Ersted. I have been looking forward to this for a long time and look forward to having an office where I can focus on Skeleton-Man.

Skeleton-Man also met new friends and collaborators with the Råstof Crew consisting of Tomas Obitsø, Romuald Pirot and Laurent Verecchia. Since January 2019 Råstof has organized five Raw Grooves parties in Raahuset in Kødbyen (the Meat District) and two Hideaway parties at Green Island in Copenhagen. This has been an amazing ride so far and the future looks party- and playfull.


The deeper thoughts . . .

The first Skeleton-Man suit (2005)

The first Skeleton-Man suit (2005)

Alright, let’s get to it.

Why a skeleton suit?! 

Well, first of all … because it is FUN !! It truly is and it’s given me smiles from street kids in Brazil and Cambodia to senior citizens in Denmark, Europe, US and all over the world. Sure, putting on a skeleton suit absolutely can look a wee bit childish and silly (and, well, perhaps even weird …) but it’s also proven to be a bullet proof track to GOOD VIBES. Added lights and lasers like a freight train with no time to spare.

Yet, and this is where I think the deeper story lies, underneath the laughter a skeleton also reminds us of death and so when Skeleton-Man makes us smile and laugh we also smile and laugh at death.

And that certainly can be a relief from the terror the idea of death otherwise can bring about!

And that is, probably, where I find my biggest infatuation with Skeleton-Man. Because to me Skeleton-Man should embody a presence living completely in the moment with love, music, dance, self-actualization, unity and relentless energy and with as many people onboard as possible. Such complete seizing of the moment, to me, sounds like the strongest antidote to death.

This state of mind, however, is sometimes easier to ponder upon than ascertained. Sure, we all wish to live up to our full potential but what if our thoughts gravitates towards (worries about) the future or (regret for) the past? What to do if we experience a cleavage between the person we think we could be and should be and the person we experience we act out?! What if we are ashamed of ourselves?

In those times of existential dread it is tempting to find a quick way out and seek refugee in, well, anything else; Work, food, fitness, sex, cleaning, money, porn, tv series binging, drugs, fanaticism or any other activity that can occypy the mind. Suppressing and procrastinating life’s ultimate concerns is always tempting and only a thought away. And when (!) is really the time to consider the existential givens of life? What good can thinking about personal death, responsibility, existential isolation and meaninglessness possibly do!? It’s not as if these concerns are going away just because we think about them. Rather, they become even more urgent ..!!

Albert Camus (1913-1960)

Albert Camus (1913-1960)

But growing up and eventually growing old holds one and the same challenge for all; to come to terms with our decay and who we have become. And live up to our personal responsibility if we are not happy with whom we have become.

This can be a tough process and the more so, the more we find we haven’t lived up to our potential. Thoughts gnaw at your very essence and the urge to suppress is only a quick excuse away. And why focus on past mistakes, anyway?! Surely, the goal must be to focus on the future and what potential successes and changes lies there !?!

Still, if we want to break away from our past and the trajectory it’s laid out this is where the potential for all change is rooted. We have to take responsibility for our actions and inactions of the past even if our past can look like a horror cabinet of personal shortcomings since they also make up the (only) light house that shows you exactly where you did things against your nature. And – and this is the hardest trick – still love yourself.

Or as Carl Rogers eloquently put it; “The curious paradox is, that only when I accept myself as I am then I can change”.

Now, I am aware that many (perhaps most?) will find above thoughts repulsive. Sure, all humans experience shame and worries but … Wah, wah, wah !!! Have a cookie and get on with it !!

Why on earth focus on past mistakes or worries about the future !?! You cannot change the past and as for the future all you can do is plan best as possible and try to enjoy whatever is coming. Surely, a much more pressing matter would be how to convince others to do as one wish!! Other than that, enjoy life and be free!

And obviously, this is an important matter. Perhaps even more important than coming to grips with your past and concerns about your finite future. Still, a thoughtful acceptance of life’s momentariness, appreciation of personal freedom (or the illusion of it), a deep understanding of our relations with others, nature and the cosmos and a profound faith in activities that do unequivocally good will always open our surroundings to our ideas and desires. Thus, even if existential themes can appear morbid and occupied with death and loneliness they are in fact a celebration of life and all of its’ facets and the most solid foundation for lasting and meaningful relations and experiences.

I hope I may be able to demonstrate this in coming Newsletters and hope you will want to read (and comment) along. You can sign up here.

And if you are merely here for the music & dance enjoy my latest mix here from Alexandria (and performed at Green Island in June 2019).

Thanks again and may your bones rattle you in amazing manners in the meantime.

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