SKELETON-MAN Entertainment & Existentialism

Entertainment for all

Day: Keynote Shows on the ultimate concerns of life

Night: DJ Entertainment for your next party


The services can be ordered separately or as a combined package

No matter the form you are guaranteed an unforgettable experience with breathtaking lights, sounds and imagery that will leave your mind & feet spinning with thoughts and energy well after curtain call

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SKELETON-MAN Entertainment & Existentialism

Talks & Keynote Shows

The Skeleton-Man show “Death: The High Price of Living” was created to address the demand for a fun and catchy introduction to life’s biggest questions. And show how we can create renewed perspective and meaning in our livesĀ 

We all think about the “big questions” in life now and then. Oftentimes, however, we let the moment pass by without much consideration. This is a shame because with a good guide they can open a fountain of energy

Moreover, these themes also plays out on an organisational level. For an organisation to develop truly vibrant, vigorous and meaningful working environments it is imperative, therefore, to have an understanding of the powers that rule deep in the human psyche

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SKELETON-MAN Entertainment & Existentialism

DJ & Entertainment

Let’s make your next party unforgettable

DJ Skeleton-Man is a party in and off himself and one of the most popular and well-spotted DJs lurking in Copenhagen.

Renowned for his versatile, deep and groovy House & Techno sound and his riveting performances he is a refined master of the Deep House genre with a wide appeal to all audiences:


Club, street, corporate and private events


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SKELETON-MAN Entertainment & Existentialism

About & Contact

Behind Skeleton-Man is Master of Law, Speaker, Writer and DJ, Michael Wolffhechel (b. 1969), that has developed the concept and hand made the suits since 2004

SVINGET 4, 2300 S
+45 93 905 905
CVR: 35494081

SKELETON-MAN Entertainment & Existentialism

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