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Here on my blog I will be publishing news about coming speaking events, dj activities and workshops. Expect also a competition or two where you can win various merchandise (t-shirts and caps) and as main prize: A free Skeleton-Man show. More about this in coming Blog Posts so make sure you sign up to the Newsletter to enter the competition.

Skeleton-Man – Fun and games. And deadly serious..

You probably know Skeleton-Man as dj and colourful entertainment in festive situations whether it’s been in clubs, street, private or corporate settings. This is the physical side of Skeleton-Man, but Skeleton-Man also has a spiritual side where he builds on the existential tradition to focus on the biggest questions of existence.

Existentialism offers a wealth of interesting perspectives on how to consider the ultimate concerns of life. For instance, we rarely take the time to consider the idea of personal death but existentialism suggest we should do this far more often. Existentialists, thus, insists that the notion of death is the most central and anxiety provoking concern in life, but they also insist that it can be a beacon of perspective and remind us what is really important in life. In this manner the idea of death need not be an enemy but rather a lighthouse that can guide us back to our “authentic” self if we have lost the way.

This is not some elitist or academic project. All humans have “deep thoughts” now and then and they do not require any special skills or experiences to be had. The ultimate concerns of life simply require interest and the courage to confront them. But in the same manner a fitness trainer can give you advice on how best to work your body the existential tradition can shine a light on some themes and challenges all humans share. And provide ideas on how to nuance your situation and expand your sense of freedom and possibilities.

This truly is important to dwell on, now and then. After all, it is YOUR life we are talking about.

On this blog I will return to these questions and themes and already now you can find the first blog posts that concerns the terror of death, freedom, existential isolation and meaninglessness.

And, yes, I know that these themes and questions may sound morbid or depressing but nothing could be further from the truth. Existentialism celebrates and salutes life, but in all its’ facets. Not merely the joyful and sorrow free moments. They are not difficult to deal with. When we are happy, we are happy and existentialism is concerned with when we are not happy. When life is difficult and one may think life only consists of hardship and pain. What do we do in those situations? Where can we turn to if all we feel is sorrow and meaninglessness?

This is why existentialism is so rewarding. Like nothing else the existential school of thought can put life’s various hardships and challenges in perspective and light a light when all seems dark. And light up a sun when the most important concerns of life for a moment falls into place and you see everything clearly.

I look forward to expand much more on these thoughts and hope you want to stay onboard for the ride.

Last, but not least, I wish to send my warmest and dearest THANK YOU to my friend and sparring partner, photographer Semko Balcerski, that can take credit for all photo material of Skeleton-Man on this site (which he also designed).

The Skeleton-Man project would not be the same without you (!) and I warmly recommend the reader to visit Semko Balcerskis website, where you can see what he does when a set of bones are not in the way of his insightful lens .. 😉

Again, thanks for stopping by Skeleton-Man and welcome to my website and blog !

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Skeleton-Man / Mojave Desert Celebration
Skeleton-Man in the Mojave Desert (Semko Balcerski, 2019)