The Skeleton-Man Show – The High Price of Living

In his newest show “Death: The High Price of Living” Skeleton-Man takes the audience on an existential Tour de Force designed to offer new perspective and renew your life appetite, energy and sense of freedom

The Skeleton-Man DJ & Dance Show

With his charisma and keen sense for the dance floor DJ Skeleton-Man caters to all audiences: Club, street, corporate and private

Skeleton-Man – The Birth, Bones & Beats Behind

Why a lit up Skeleton suit? Why combining entertainment and existentialism? Learn the origins and concept behind Skeleton-Man since the first ideas in 2004 to the multi-facetted project it is today

El Wire Workshops – Light Up Your Life

Learn how to make your own lightning El Wire creations with a Skeleton-Man El Wire workshop. Fun and creative activity that appeals to kids of all ages

Skeleton-Man Art & Merchandise

The Skeleton-Man Art & Merchandise El Wire pieces offers the opportunity to become part of the Skeleton-Man universe – in style!

Welcome !!

Welcome to you, dear reader, and the first blog post on where I will be writing about existential themes and updates about the Skeleton-Man project