The Skeleton-Man Show – The High Price of Living

In his newest show “Death: The High Price of Living” Skeleton-Man takes the audience on an existential Tour de Force designed to offer new perspective and renew your life appetite, energy and sense of freedom

“The Denial of Death” by Ernest Becker

In his 1974 Pulitzer Prize winning book “The Denial of Death” Ernest Becker shows how psychological insight merges with religious doctrine at the furthest and most fertile lands

Skeleton-Man – The Birth, Bones & Beats Behind

Why a lit up Skeleton suit? Why combining entertainment and existentialism? Learn the origins and concept behind Skeleton-Man since the first ideas in 2004 to the multi-facetted project it is today

Organisational Existentialism – With Kierkegaard at Work

Organisational Existentialism looks at organisational life from an existentialist perspective focusing on meaning, personal responsibility and self-realisation

Meaninglessness – The Absurdity of Life

Man is a meaning seeking creature in a universe that offers no meaning. Hence the absurdity of existence

Existential Isolation – The Terror of Separation

Even in the completest of love there remains an unsurmountable gap; an abyss of nothingness between the end of one finite creature and the beginning of another

Freedom – Wonderful, Terrifying Freedom

Normally we think of freedom as something unequivocally good but awareness of our freedom also reminds us of our ultimate responsibility for ourselves and our life. And that realisation is riveted to dread.

Death – It Never Fails

The notion of personal death is the most central, the most determining organizing theme in man’s existence. But while the physicality of death destroys man, the idea of death can save him